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// Qt Creator & doxygen

Сегодня пролетело в рассылке:


Qt Creator master has recently got a feature, which has been requested a
few times, for Doxygen blocks generation. If you type /** or /*! and
press enter/return before a declaration, you'll get something like:
 * \param data
 * \param options
 * \return
QString generate(const Data &data, const Options &options);

You can also opt whether or not you want an additional \brief command
and leading asterisks for comment continuation (when breaking lines).
The options are in Text Editor→Completion→Documentation Comments.

Notice that the style is identified from the comment beginning. If you
start it with /*! then the Qt style is used. Otherwise, the Java style
with the @ prefix for the commands is picked.


Проверил - работает, удобно :)